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Includes the HD video of 3 classes.

1- LEADERS: Lapiz & Enrosques Drills
2- Pugliese & D'arienzo: Dance with Style

3- Tango Salon & Tango Nuevo




October 17th 
11am - 12pm  FOLLOWERS: Styling for Boleos & Sacadas
12:05m - 1:05pm  Pugliese & D'arienzo: Dance with Style

October 24th 
11am - 12pm  LEADERS: Lapiz & Enrosques Drills
12:05m - 1:05pm  Tango Salon & Tango Nuevo


This training is suitable for all levels of dancing.

(Solo training - No partner required)

More info:
Miriam & Leonardo: (206) 255-3634

HD Video ONLY (Leader)

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