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-Advanced/Pro Personalized Tango routine

-Routine will include "Over the shouder lifts" (If the style and music requires it)

-Video content: 

  a) Explicit slow motion technique and instruction of each step of the routine.

  b) Choreography danced to the music by Miriam & Leonardo (Real time)

  c) Stage or Dance floor "Walk-In" and "Exit".

  d) Understanding of front awereness of each step.

-Photo reference for Hair, Make-Up and costume ideas.

-MP3 Version of the choreography song.


More info:
Miriam & Leonardo: (206) 255-3634

Choreography Video Package (Level 3)

  • -By purchasing this package, I understand the following:

    -Full payment of the choreography video package is require before Miriam & Leonardo can send it to you.

    -I understand that Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo are not responsable for any injury that may happen in the proccess of learning the Tango routine.


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