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These videos are good for all levels of dancing.

Conveniently recorded with 3 HD cameras from different angles, so you don't miss a single detail.



Fundamentals Course Vol. 1   (Length: 74 min)

Fundamentals Course Vol. 2   (Length: 42 min)

Rebotes Course  (Length: 68 min)

Fundamentals - Solo Training   (Length: 70 min)


"Fundamentals Vol. 1"  Focuses on the individual technique of the dancer.  

"Fundamentals Vol. 2"  Focuses on the dancer's technique when dancing with a partner.

"Rebotes" course will help you improve your technique and connection with your partner using your body's natural elasticity. 

"Solo Training"   This course will provide you with personalized exercises to comprehend and enhance all the fundamental techniques necessary for reaching the Intermediate level with confidence.



These courses are also part of our unique learning program "Online Tango Training" where you can access them, but not download them.


$129.00 Regular Price
$64.50Sale Price


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