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Welcome to our support and sponsorship page.

This is an important moment for people to contribute to Art. 
Our mission is to keep happiness and positivity in people's hearts through our knowledge and passion for Tango.

Your support allows us to keep creating Free High-quality content for all Tangueros.
This platform is ideal and convenient for you to show your love and contribute to Tango.

Art is facing one of the most critical times in history. With Artists without the possibility to be in-person teaching, performing, singing, Etc.

We encourage you to contribute with a One-Time or recurrent payment. 
Below, you'll find different tiers, several of them with great exclusive content for contributors, such as Tango Music playlists, the convenience of downloading the videos, and the option to be showcased as our sponsors.

We really thank you!
Que Viva el Tango!!!
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By buying this tier, you are encouraging us to keep creating free high-quality Youtube videos twice a week.

This is very demanding work, which we do with all our love and passion.

Also, this tier is customizable. It means that you can change the amount in your contribution if you wish.

With this option, you are not only helping us to keep creating high-quality content for YouTube but also, you'll be able to access our exclusive page where we keep uploading great Music Tango playlists.

This option is perfect for those who want to support our channel and also have different benefits.

  1- Access our exclusive Music Tango playlists.

  2- Be able to download all our YouTube videos in HD.

  3- Be mentioned in our YouTube videos as a contributor and founding member. (Optional)


This tier is for those who would like to promote their business or just sponsor our channel.

  1- Showcase your name or business on our Youtube channel with a special section dedicated to you. 

  2- Your logo or design appears and we promote your brand or name. (Optional)

  3- Access our exclusive Music Tango playlists.

  4- Be able to download all our YouTube videos in HD.


In our names, and the entire Tango community...


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