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Choreography Video Package

This is a great way to learn a full Tango routine

for your next performance.

(Miriam & Leonardo's Original creation)


How does it work?

- Together (M&L and you) we'll select a song.

- We'll create a personalized choreography for you.

-We'll suggest the character, costume, hair and makeup style

- You'll receive a video with an explicit explanation about each step of the routine.

Whom is the routine intended for?

- This package is intended for Tango performers, Competitors, and non-Tango entertainers

-We keep the Style of your preference

-Routine adapted to your level (+)

Level 1: Intermediate

Level 2: Intermediate Advanced

Level 3: Advanced/Pro

What will you receive?

1) A complete choreography video

2) Leader/Follower technique and instruction

3) Slow-motion images and routine danced by M&L to the music (Regular speed)


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